Indonesian Stroke Society


Indonesian Stroke Society was founded in March 1, 2017. The committees are Prof. dr. H. Jusuf Misbach, Sp.S(K), FAAN, dr. Jofizal Jannis, Sp.S (K), dr. Nizar Yamanie, Sp,S (K), dr. Lyna Soertidewi, Sp.S (K), M. Epid, dr. Mursyid Bustami, Sp.S (K), KIC, MARS, DR. dr. Andi Basuki Prima Birawa, Sp.S, MARS, dr. Yohanna Kusuma, Sp.S, Cert. Neurosonology ASN (USA) & WFN-NSRG, dr. Ita Muharram Sari, Sp.S, dr. Bambang T. Prasetyo, Sp.S, FINS, dr. Ricky Gusanto Kurniawan, Sp.S, dr. M. Arief Rachman, Sp.S including Nurses, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists as well as stroke survivors.

We build this organization because the incidence of stroke became number 1 before heart attack and cancer. However, we want to increase the awareness about stroke in our region and to reduce the disability and mortality of our patients.

We collaborated with our Nurses and Physiotherapists society to educate and do stroke campaign to increase their awareness.


Create a multidisciplinary the stable stroke society.


  • To increase public awareness of the importance of prevention
  • To improve the abilities of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and nutritionists
  • Counseling stroke in the general population
  • Training in patients who have had a stroke
  • Development of resources to treat and deal with stroke patients


In accordance with the vision and mission is the goal of stroke community organization as follows:

  1. Creating qualified human resources
  2. Improving the ability of the general public in maintaining and preventing stroke through counseling, training and education
  3. Raising funding sources to spur development, management, prevention and stroke care

General Purpose

All of members of the community who cares about stroke is realize that prevention is very important.